The State Of South African Youth Economics

Photograph: Michael Cali/San Diego Union/REX Shutterstock

The Challenge

South Africa is considered one of the entrepreneurial leaders in sub-Sahara Africa. Contrary to research by Global Entrepreneur Monitor (GEM) South Africa report 2016–2017, the business climate has become somewhat hostile, with only 43.17% of South Africans who perceive the opportunity to start a business and only 41.9% that are improvement-driven opportunity entrepreneurs. As a citizen concerned about the future, you should ask yourself how much of the percentage does our youth account for and why the youth, you may ask? Simply because the future of the country depends on them.

The Fight

However, today we find a wave of defiant businesses striving to immerse their impact on various industries. In a search for economic liberation, their eagerness is of consequence, driving large corporate companies into focusing their attention on miniature businesses to inspire great ideas. Hence, we have business incubators established all over as a catalyst to exploiting and breaking ground for this disruptive change.

Photograph: Unknown - We Shall Overcome Today

The Revolution

Their ambition is to lead a culture of an unwonted capitalist system within the creative and corporate industries. Synonymous with the hopeful, they vouch to stand up for the future of their culture, a modern-day struggle for an African child.

Photograph: Tseliso Monaheng/Johannesburg Braamfontein/

A New Wave

Voicing it out to the youth, with our current state of affairs, such is only mastered outside of the classroom, through real-life experience.



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David Ramontsi

David Ramontsi


I experiment with ideas and I write about them. My topics range from creativity, marketing, project management to entrepreneurship and society.