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As we watch kids play and obviously having been one. It’s fun to build and break things down.

We have no regard for what could go wrong or the chances of something not working out. There is a distinct connection created between effort and imagination.

But then growing up, a lot of that diminishes as responsibilities take over and it causes a perspective shift.

Often it feels as though nothing is fun anymore. But that is not entirely true…

We have a choice but it will require us to commit.

We can make the work we are creating enjoyable and…

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You need an attitude of service. You’re not just serving yourself. You help others to grow up and you grow with them. David Green

With growing uncertainty in the world economy, people are looking at alternative ways to make a living more than ever before. Whether it is freelancing, contracting or trading of some kind; there is a new paradigm we’re hoping to adapt to more sooner than later to sustain our livelihoods.

Given that, we can assert ourselves as being in the golden age of startups and entrepreneurship. …

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Mcdonalds introduces an instore self-service ordering system.

Getting into the store you can place an order without talking to anyone.

The first time a customer engages with a staff member is when they collect their order.

The system eliminates a few things which customers can experience as resistance.

There is less back and forth when ordering and it is convenient to know what’s in stock and what’s not.

What Mcdonalds did is brilliant, giving their customers control.

And this is a good example of how to keep to a promise and how that’s beneficial.

A few years back when Mcdonald…

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Often we question if the problem is for us to resolve.

Well, there are two premises to choose from.

We can either take responsibility because we are not scared to lead or choose to pass the bug.

As we choose to take responsibility, we choose opportunities that are likely to favour us.

However, from the moment we choose to pass on the bug, chances are we may never get a sense of what it means to lead, influence or to create things.

If leadership is new to us, with the next problem we are faced with we can either choose…

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At what age do toddlers walk?

One person will say after a year, another will say a year and a half.

The other will say we teach them to walk while another person believes we should let them figure it out.

While some of us we walk without even crawling.

Nevertheless, none of these statements is false. What they have in common is the acknowledgement that we need to figure something out.

How we can nurture the toddler in a way that it will make a difference in their life.

So what we have to figure out is made up…

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When it comes to working nothing matters more than results.

Results We use to measure up progress.

Today where everything needs to happen now, we have blurred the line between results over time and results now.

We have developed a yearning to spend money and time we have not earned and use authority we have not worked for.

And along the way, this can often lead to frustration. Where we end up not knowing what to do when a real challenge comes up.

The reality is if we have not earned the discipline and patience to understand, we cannot expect…

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Our promise to the customers is very valuable.

It is the first thing they look for when coming into contact with our brand.

So when we develop a promise it has to be clear for them to understand.

And as important we on the other hand have to understand and know what we promise.

Because it helps to make a promise that will make a difference and also make us different.

That’s where the value lies.

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To understand better we take action.

When we say ‘practice makes perfect’, we mean perfect at producing the desired outcome or an output of a certain standard.

One that can satisfy a particular need at a particular time.

It isn’t that every output we produce reaches its optimum degree of transformation.

Because perfect is subject to ideas of the day and the influence we want our work to have at that particular time of need.

Although in our imaginations we always plan for perfection.

Perfect products and marketing accepted by perfect customers who show up to buy on our best…

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There’s no optimal performance in average output.

Average output creates a bottleneck.

Because work of the same average flocks together.

Average is what comes out of the word “just”

There is no real obligation, we are just involved and not committed.

We use average to draw the line between just being busy and productive, solving the right problems and constantly recycling old ideas.

But there is a way to beat average.

It starts with accepting that we are different.

We then do things in a way that embraces that difference.

Because no one can beat us when we are the…

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As Simon Sinek said it all starts with a “Why”

When designing a road map for a new idea another important question we can ask ourselves is “what do I want?”

Asking this question every time we arrive at an answer not only does it afford us clarity.

But it’s a formula that helps us become specific with our ideas.

As an exercise the next time an idea pops up, write it on top of the page and ask this important question, “What do I want?”

By the time you get to the bottom of the page, there should be a clearer pathway on how to deliver the idea.

Try it, it works.

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