Why Our Business Is To Serve

David Ramontsi
3 min readOct 16, 2020


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You need an attitude of service. You’re not just serving yourself. You help others to grow up and you grow with them. David Green

With growing uncertainty in the world economy, people are looking at alternative ways to make a living more than ever before. Whether it is freelancing, contracting or trading of some kind; there is a new paradigm we’re hoping to adapt to more sooner than later to sustain our livelihoods.

Given that, we can assert ourselves as being in the golden age of startups and entrepreneurship. For a country like South Africa, this is an unimaginable leap that could reflect one of two things that are happening.

There are more people opting into business because of the growing uncertainty in the job markets.

Or the industrial bubble has burst and there is a void that needs other participants to help stabilise the situation.

Perhaps let’s say none of the two observations makes the case. Surely we can agree that there is a shift and it is one that does not require selective input with an acceptance of a few big-time players. At this point, everyone’s contribution matters — not that it never did.

Everyone is invited to participate because there are socio-economic factors that demand all of our contribution.

It is evident that we are in a ripple effect and we have to make a direct or an indirect adjustment.

We can either choose to act voluntarily or react to the push when the need arises. However, whatever it is we choose to do will be our contribution.

The nature of the situation is that those who do the best that they can, improvising, adapting and making something out of the situation are more likely to make the cut.

As we embark on this new terrain and more go into business. It is clear there’s some service required of us and it is not solely of self-preservation. Which brings us to the point that if we decide to go into business we do it so that we are able to fulfil a need. It is alright to expect to be paid for it by those with whom we are offering it to.

Furthermore, we are to consider that our service, ideas and marketing efforts are there to help others realise what solutions are there to their challenges.

In short, all the work we subscribe to and challenges we choose to work on, they are better effective and meaningful as a service to others.

Thus as new participants in business, if we are of service to the challenges of today, we stand a better chance of earning our audience’s trust for tomorrow because we showed up when they needed a solution.

Our goal is to matter to the people we serve and that is an opportunity open to all of us today. We are better because we are together so is our unselfish contribution.

It may sound obvious but our service is a reason enough for others to support our efforts and observing today’s challenges is a good way to start.

So the question we will have to ask is “who and what are we in business to serve?”

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