187 20: Where We Find A Leader

Often we question if the problem is for us to resolve.

Well, there are two premises to choose from.

We can either take responsibility because we are not scared to lead or choose to pass the bug.

As we choose to take responsibility, we choose opportunities that are likely to favour us.

However, from the moment we choose to pass on the bug, chances are we may never get a sense of what it means to lead, influence or to create things.

If leadership is new to us, with the next problem we are faced with we can either choose to be in front, beside or at the back of these opportunities.

Similarly to playing chess we don’t necessarily have to be in a specific position to be the one.

We always assume the responsibility of a leader from wherever we are.

And by that, it makes our frame of reference to problem-solving pivotal.

This note was originally published on www.blvckuniverse.co.za

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