171 20: An Early Lesson About Success

David Ramontsi
1 min readSep 15, 2020
Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

At what age do toddlers walk?

One person will say after a year, another will say a year and a half.

The other will say we teach them to walk while another person believes we should let them figure it out.

While some of us we walk without even crawling.

Nevertheless, none of these statements is false. What they have in common is the acknowledgement that we need to figure something out.

How we can nurture the toddler in a way that it will make a difference in their life.

So what we have to figure out is made up of two decisions and it equally applies to the nurturer.

To cheerfully get to where we’re going we have to figure out where we want to end up.

And it also involves how we want to get there (rolling over, crawling or walking).

In the difference we seek to make, it matters not what the opinion is. When the toddler walks, it always happens at the right time.

It’s an early lesson about success that comes in more than one way.

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