166 20: When We Are Far From Perfect

David Ramontsi
2 min readSep 10, 2020
Photo by Jonathan Hoxmark on Unsplash

To understand better we take action.

When we say ‘practice makes perfect’, we mean perfect at producing the desired outcome or an output of a certain standard.

One that can satisfy a particular need at a particular time.

It isn’t that every output we produce reaches its optimum degree of transformation.

Because perfect is subject to ideas of the day and the influence we want our work to have at that particular time of need.

Although in our imaginations we always plan for perfection.

Perfect products and marketing accepted by perfect customers who show up to buy on our best days.

Nevertheless, reality doesn’t always live up to our imagination.

Chances are a need will arise. A need for us to have a plan for when we’re far from perfect.

So to delight customers in those moments when they’re disappointed.

An excuse or a business statement can only say so much.

At the time of fighting racism, inequality and other socioeconomic issues, businesses that stand out are those that are not oblivious in their recourse towards critical issues affecting their customers.

It’s crucial to understand that when we say something, it is just as important what we do about what we say.

We need to show up to do our best, even when we wish things were better.

In many cases acknowledgement, accountability accompanied by actions is what we need.

A recourse that will help create reassurance and can take us back to our perfect.

This is a lesson we are learning from the Clicks saga.

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