131 20: The Advantages We Aren’t Seeing About Today

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Fleas in a jar experiment can teach us a lot about what is happening today.

It turns out that if you want to train fleas you put them in a jar with a lid on top.

In the beginning, they will jump and hit the lid over and over again.

Then eventually they’ll adjust the height at which they jump,

Thus preventing them from hitting the hard top surface.

Similarly, it happens that a young elephant tied to a log will attempt to break free from it again and again.

When it learns that with the chain around its ankle it cannot move,

Eventually, it stops trying.

The elephant will grow strong and bigger, but won’t attempt to break free even when it easily can.

Because it is still under the impression that it cannot break free.

With that being said, the change we see in the world today, we need to acknowledge.

At a time it may be hard to distinguish a path.

Technology has given us access to ideas and information.

We are more connected than ever before.

And we are all facing a blank page, an opportunity.

But it’s an opportunity for people who’ll not only acknowledge, but contribute.

This change can mean our physical constraints are removed and the lid is lifted.

What we need right now is to show up and make it past the noise in our heads.

And that is the hardest part.

However, another small incremental step or leap is what can earn us a seat at the table.

So we do it without regard for the implied limitations or critics.

Because at the end of the day we are all trying to figure out our next step or jump.

What will be your next step or jump?

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