109 20: Changing Rules

To write rules is better than following one,

And yet nothing beats creating the next thing.

Today’s school curriculum is not designed to encourage creativity.

For the most part, it teaches how to follow rules.

Rules that prepare us to be efficient workers.

Because we have realised what these rules are meant to do.

And of course, we have learnt how to comply and effectively apply these rules.

One may acquiesce that we hold the power to change the rules, even better write them.

And that’s what today’s generation is doing. They are working to change what doesn’t work, replacing it with something that works for them.

So choose to be part of that change so that the rules won’t be written for you.

Do it for the same reasons at times we felt school was not made for us.

This note was originally published on www.blvckuniverse.co.za

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