092 20: A Small Great Thing

Grow, grow, grow.

Yes, that’s the culture we are part of.

We are excited to grow our audience. We want to expand our customer base. We want more locations.

This is a common path we all have been made to seek.

We want bigger. The culture says bigger is better.

What about the other guy who specialises with a very unique set of skills and doesn’t have to scale.

It’s hard to close down on what may look like a great opportunity to serve or scale.

But our best work happens when we know exactly who will get the most benefit from it.

The people it brings us satisfaction to serve regardless of the size of the group.

It’s easier to think of our work to be for everyone than to say, “sorry this isn’t for you”

In as much as it is difficult, it requires courage to say we specialise in this one particular thing.

It is hard to build a small great thing.

This note was originally published on www.blvckuniverse.co.za

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David Ramontsi

David Ramontsi


I experiment with ideas and I write about them. My topics range from creativity, marketing, project management to entrepreneurship and society.