084 20: Freedom You Take, It Is Not Given

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Which one will it be?

Freedom is the ability to make a decision, to decide on the work we want to do.

Responsibility is about being accountable for what we do. An example is figuring out how to get paid for our work, owning up to our mistakes or being dependable.

Freedom with no responsibility is a tempting thing of course. And rarely do people want to bare the responsibility of others.

A very few people will be willing to assume the responsibility of taking care of you and or your work.

Because responsibility without freedom is stressful.

Where we are there are plenty of opportunities, in as much as there are further opportunities where we don’t have freedom nor responsibility.

If where we are, we feel doubtful and stuck, seeking to be free.

Just as the youth of ’76, the surest route is to take more responsibility.

And understand that freedom and responsibility aren’t things we are given, but things we take.

This note was originally published on www.blvckuniverse.co.za

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