075 20: What We Believe To Be An Entrepreneur

If we ask a teenager somewhere in the townships to draw an illustration of an entrepreneur or business person.

Chances are they’ll draw a picture of someone in a suit with a briefcase.

And if we ask them what makes that person a good business person? The answer might be because they are a millionaire and have billions of Rands.

It is likely that they aspire to be that person. The question is do they see themselves in that person?

Since our culture has made entrepreneurship to be about a particular outcome, a posture… then it must be allowed to be a choice.

We need to let go of the perception that only people in a suit with a briefcase making tons of money are eligible to be entrepreneurs.

What we should aim to do better is to help children understand what qualifies an entrepreneur like behaviour.

We need to let them understand that before money people bartered.

Therefore entrepreneurship is a chance to trade solutions to other people who have a problem that needs solving.

So to be able to solve more problems, solve bigger problems, solve problems more widely then we are likely to be an entrepreneur.

So it must be in all of us, not just a selected few.

However, a crucial point is entrepreneurship isn’t only about scale.

It’s about a desire for a certain kind of purpose in our journey.

This note was originally published on www.blvckuniverse.co.za

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David Ramontsi

David Ramontsi


I experiment with ideas and I write about them. My topics range from creativity, marketing, project management to entrepreneurship and society.