058 20: Why We Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Start?

Perfect is a word we chase when we are unsure of our ability to make it happen.

We wonder why do people take too long to release their work?

Pride, mostly. We worry about what other people will say about us.

As stated in note 048 20: About Startup Projects “you haven’t started working on an idea till you’ve launched it.”

We may add to this by saying there will never be a perfect moment to start it.

Either way, as much as we spend days, months and sometimes years to perfect our work. It is likely to remain so, post launching it. Every idea is work in progress.

Because perfect matters to us so much. Perhaps if we want to make something that matters. We must be able to tell the people we want to serve why it is perfect and should matter to them.

A lesson can the beginning the focus is to build the absolute smallest thing that is considered a complete offering and share it.

Building something “simple” in the early stages does not mean we are not doing anything that isn’t meaningful or valuable.

It is about engaging it with reality so that it finds its rightful place.

Of course, reality can’t always live up to our imaginations. Thus, we need to start even when we’re far from perfect.

Over-engineering has a downside if we try to do extra work for extra credit.

This note was originally published on www.blvckuniverse.co.za

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