037 20: Value Is Subtle

An old gentleman on a ventilator in a hospital cries as the doctors bring his bill. Out of concern, the doctor says to the man, we can break it down into small payments if you mind.

The old man’s response to the doctor was, it’s not about the money but the mere fact that I now pay to use air I’ve been able to breathe for free my whole life.

Of course, we value things differently under different circumstances. This is because value is subtle. It is something that has to be experienced before it is understood.

It may be charged the same for every person. But it is for sure different for everyone.

This note was originally published on www.blvckuniverse.co.za

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David Ramontsi

David Ramontsi

I experiment with ideas and I write about them. My topics range from creativity, marketing, project management to entrepreneurship and society.