032 20: Tough Times

David Ramontsi
2 min readApr 24, 2020
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Businesses go into hibernation when times are tough. Whether in a pandemic, an economic downturn or issues affecting the owner’s personal life.

During these times you can never assume to wait until chaos has halted before taking action. Often it may be too late.

What we learn from advice is that setbacks are offhand ammunition to get aggressive. An opportunity to build with an extra effort.

As times are tough our strength is tested and our passion is left exposed. We see ourselves for who we are and others are left to judge our motives.

A project we have been building has endured some painful body blows since the beginning of this year. The challenge has been that of finding the right suppliers with better quality on a stringent budget.

The challenge is currently affecting the business part of the project and contributes significantly to the drop in sales for products.

Despite the slowdown, the aim is not to start circling the wagons. Part of the plan is to come back, act swiftly and use the lockdown to strategise on the identified weaknesses.

The initial task is to reinforce relationships with customers and find new suppliers with better quality service.

Also, boost efficiency and be more practical with how to deal with a crisis and unforeseen events. Thus rethink the current business system and make it more agile.

Equally important, find help from sources that can give advice and skills that will help grow the project during these challenging times.

With these plans in place, there’s a better chance to bounce back and meet the project obligation for the year within the next eight to nine months.

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