021 20: Change = Uncertainty

An uncertain stick man with a question mark
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What we don’t know at this point is how the path will look like tomorrow. However, what we do know is that things will look different than they do today.

What do we do when the situations don’t look like what we had imagined?

Here is a short story about our trip to the grocery store last week and what we learned.

With everyone being on lockdown the roads were clear, there was no heavy traffic whatsoever. On our trip to the store, everything was what we usually expect, we got to the taxi stop, waited a few minutes for a taxi to arrive and then there we went.

For what we thought was going to be a normal ride back home turned out to be a much different experience.

Here’s what happened;

There were no specific taxis to our location. The queue marshall was not clear if the taxi was going to get us to our destination. All that he knew was that it was going our direction.

We got into the taxi, asked the driver if he was going to pass by our neighbourhood, which at first he gave us a slight nod which made us uncertain if he was responding to us.

We had to ask again for him to give us a clearer nod which was still not satisfactory. We needed him to reassure us with a clear answer. The lady we were with inside the taxi reassured us that the taxi was going our direction and she began sharing her horrible experience with taxis that day.

The driver then took a different route which was extremely long. He was driving very slow hoping to find people along the way. Eventually, he did and we finally made our way to our neighbourhood where the taxi dropped us.

The entire experience brought to mind an idea of how change affects our behaviour during uncertain times. Especially when we’re surrounded by people who are also seeking control over an uncontrollable situation.

When the world changes, it’s easy to stress, our feelings become magnified.

We tell ourselves different stories but still, the situation remains if we focus on our frustrations.

A move to advance our course is to remember that uncertainty implies a range of possible outcomes. There’s always a different way to what we know.

As we allow life to take us on an adventure. We can learn to communicate better, keep calm, accept things we can’t control while we take charge of situations we have control over.

We can also learn by listening to other people’s stories, not only does it help them understand but it helps us be more resourceful so that we can make the best decisions that we can the next time.

In the case of someone with a taxi business or a transport service, knowing that you’ve got a limited chance to meet your daily target. It might help to communicate with your customers so that they are more understanding.

This note was originally published on www.blvckuniverse.co.za

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