019 20: Knowledge, Practise and Expertise

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How much time, per day, do you spend reading, doing research and creating new work?

A shabby trick when a source does not credit the original author of the work. Whenever we discover new material and other people’s work and repurpose for our benefit. It is an honoured act of kindness to credit the author of the work.

Here is an extract of a quote from an unknown author about knowledge, practice and expertise.

When I speak of knowledge I mean more than just learning a number of facts. When you know and know that you know you will build an inner quality of assurance that cannot be shaken. You will have at your command not only at your own thoughts but those of the wisest of men out of all the breadth of human experience. You will put the best minds of all the ages to work for you, you will have an unlimited reservoir of knowledge and which you can draw.

As you read or listen to recordings in this plan regularly and in a persistent way do it with a purpose, you will set a goal for yourself. Read books and articles and listen to recordings which will help you reach that goal. Spend your time with the experts in that field, as you receive their thoughts especially as you read them aloud and they are given an expression by you, a lot of their power will remain with you. You will get the accent of greatness into your own thinking. One big lesson out of my athletic career stands by me to this day.

I learned that if you want to be good at anything from sticking your left jab into your opponent’s face. To hitting a ping pong ball to killing a handball in the left-hand corner of the front wall. You’ve got to practice regularly. And this applies to you, whether you are now an outstanding expert or just a beginner.

When Paderewski was known as the greatest pianist of his time, he told a reporter. If I miss practising for one day I know it, if I miss a week the critics know it if I miss a month the public knows it.

I myself practice the thirty ten power formula every single day. I do it because I know that I can never make up for one day lost. I also know it is my insurance, begin this practice today. — Optical Illusion. “Overcast.” Definitive, Catalyst Five Records, 2003.

P.S. If you happen to know who the author of this quote is please be kind to share with us. :-)

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