0167 21: Working With The Kid Inside

David Ramontsi
2 min readJun 23, 2021
Photo by Janine Robinson on Unsplash

As we watch kids play and obviously having been one. It’s fun to build and break things down.

We have no regard for what could go wrong or the chances of something not working out. There is a distinct connection created between effort and imagination.

But then growing up, a lot of that diminishes as responsibilities take over and it causes a perspective shift.

Often it feels as though nothing is fun anymore. But that is not entirely true…

We have a choice but it will require us to commit.

We can make the work we are creating enjoyable and fun. It doesn’t mean being passive about it or taking things lightly.

It is about finding our holding point and building from there.

This may begin with establishing what we imagine for our future self. Finding the excitement in endorsing that image and enabling our vision. Making it tangible.

But first, we need to start small. The same way we’d do as kids. Organising every little resource and planning a path so that we can see the possibility of something happen.

We utilise anything that works to feed the imagination. Working on elements that help yield our vision.

We invite friends with similar interests to build alongside us because we understand that it’s more fun when we can share and create with a community that makes it feel possible.

An upside to this is that it makes it better to endure the process of laying one brick element at a time.

Also, we can work tirelessly and we won’t even know it because the kid inside enjoys the adventure of building and breaking stuff.

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