004 20: Permission To Create

Everyone has the ability to create, very few people have the desire to

We all have fears but for some, the worst of fears is to create. We negate creativity for the fear of being judged. What we don’t understand is that without creativity we are vulnerable either way.

Creativity is the freedom to live. It is a place where we justify our existence. No one can take it from us unless we choose to give it away.

When they say it won’t work, Ok well, find another place where it will. Creative people are enablers. They make things work.

We fear because we care so much. Overcome the fear and create what you want. Explore your interests and embrace what moves your gut. Be in love with the way you create and others will fall in love when they see how much you care.

The challenges we have are a catalyst to being the most creative us we know. So, go figure it out.

This note was originally published on www.blvckuniverse.co.za

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