003 20: What Separates This From That

Photo by Jossuha Théophile on Unsplash

At this time of a worldwide pandemic, we are learning about staying connected at a safe distance. The internet is one place where people feel safer to be with others. We are made to rethink our living patterns. What was in abundance yesterday, we are left to check how much of it is available for tomorrow, because we self quarantined.

Understandably so, everyone wants to survive the next 21 days. For businesses, the cost of attention is more than it was yesterday. As for a few of us, we get to understand that the internet is merely not a mass medium, it is but a micro medium with multi-channels.

There are new prospects on platforms such as Zoom for the first time when there are others using WhatsApp voice messaging more frequent than ever. At this point, we feel obligated to use these channels to create and exchange valuable information.

Our culture has taught us that those who can capture the most attention win — never more so than in the digital age. So, we devote a considerable amount of time and effort working out how to mine other people’s attention — often adding to the noise.

What if instead of showing up to get attention, we showed up to give it? Imagine the resources we could build if we spent the majority of our time attending to how we could help instead of trying to be seen.

As with any resources, more scarcity creates value. So begin early, be there, leverage others the value they need to map out their next part of the journey. People value what connects them to their desires, therefore, allow your work to be that link.

Those who choose to create the value they want to see after this passes will create work that when they are not present they will be missed, not the contrary.

We have to ask: how much attention do we think we have to spare and if our work is as relevant as the pandemic?

The hype is not as good as creating the next thing, that’s what separates this from that.

This note was originally published on www.blvckuniverse.co.za

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